The Mission

Our primary goal is to dedicate ourselves & our funds to Rescue Dogs as household family members & service animals.

Animal Rescue Funding (Year round):

Air & Ground Transportation for adopted or displaced rescued dogs. (animals) Providing Food, Health / Hygiene Products, Blankets, Toys, Leashes, Harnesses, collars & love to help local rescue programs.

Supplemental Pet Medical Donations: for approved pet owners of lower income households that have proven themselves to be dedicated to their beloved pet & providing to the best of their ability a safe & happy home.

Marine Corps Toys For Tots (November & December):

Provide Live Music Concerts of all genres for mass gatherings of  brand new unwrapped toys for boys & girls at designated venues for underprivileged children of the communities we perform in. (Our charity also provides entertainment as a rock band on top of being a Non profit 501c3.

AJ’s Homeless Veterans Brown Bag Program (November 1st – 30th):

In honor of  Veterans Day we seek out Homeless Veterans (all homeless folks in general) by stoping by their local gathering areas, as well as shelters & soup kitchens. We hand deliver each individual a brown paper lunch bag with a new pair of socks, pen, pencil, note pad, non perishable food items, toothbrush & toothpaste. We hope to give these wonderful people a ray of hope & a motivation to get back on track. We also try to point them in the right direction to talk with a Veteran Center or Veterans Affairs representatives.