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Getting back into the swing of things for the new year! Looking forward to lots of good things to happen in 2015! Gigs, merch, new art work, new music…. i’ll keep you posted!

Sept 11th at Club LA in Destin. 34876 Emerald Coast Pkwy Destin, FL Doors 7:30pm SALUTE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!! With Gotham City Troubadour, Red Wine Hangover & Devil City Angels MAY 18, 2014 AJ’s BraveHearts / Gotham City Troubadour Pensacola Musicians Memorial (Multi Band Event) Monday, 19 May 2014 The Dock on Pensacola Beach: 4 Casino Beach Blvd Pensacola Beach, FL


Gotham City Troubadour with Devil City Angels & Red Wine Hangover

Sept 11th at Club LA in Destin.

34876 Emerald Coast Pkwy Destin, FL

Doors 7:30pm

SALUTE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With Gotham City Troubadour, Red Wine Hangover & Devil City Angels

IMG_12283403092247GOTHAM CITY TROUBADOUR PROMO PHOTO 2014tracciigunsrikkirockettericbrittingham400

Hi :) Hope you’re enjoying The Month of June!

Hi All! Lot’s going on. Sorry I haven’t been around lately.

It’s been a crazy last two months. I will get right back on track here soon!

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Enjoy this heart warming moment caught on film exiting the stage in Dallas TX last week with my bro Tom Keifer.

Band of brothers…”In a different light, everybody shines”

"I got your six brother"

“I got your six brother”



Come out to THE DOCK on Pensacola Beach FL today for The Pensacola Musicians Memorial Concert! This is a great cause to help musicians & their families in times of need. Folks get together to remember the buddies & pals that are no longer with us but also something else… A lot of theses musicians played music on the beaches along the gulf coast their entire lives. Their entire lively hood was through live performance. In other words, these hard working musicians lived gig to gig, week to week to support themselves and their families, leaving little wiggle room for insurances and when the unforeseen things happen it takes and took it’s toll. The wonderful folks at PMM are working hard to set up an avenue to help these people get proper medical care and in some cases a suitable eternal resting place. A simple fact is, as an entertainer you think of making others feel better, you want them to have a great night out….. but some of theses lovable cats never thought about themselves until it was too late. One last round of applause and a helping hand to their families. We can do this! Let’s honor them. AJs BraveHearts (aka GOTHAM CITY TROUBADOUR) will be playing with some great bands at this event! Come on out today!!!! Music starts at 2:30pm and goes all night! There will be raffles and all kinds of great things going on! Take care, A Team


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AJsBraveHearts is pleased to have donated a brand new Mapex Drum kit to Bailey Middle School Jazz band in Pensacola, FL.

The event took place at The Perdido Key Relay for life Cancer Β Walk / Run May 6th 2014

It’s a beautiful feeling to build a healthy bond within all communities. Thank you to all of our sponsors.




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